1. Travel plan to be followed in compliance with authority guidelines


  1. There is no mandatory minimum stay for all tourists in Sri Lanka.
  2. The first 14 (fourteen) days of your stay in Sri Lanka (booked directly or through other suppliers) should only be at Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) registered and ‘Safe & Secure’ certified Level 1 accommodations/establishments. The first PCR test (On Arrival) will be conducted at the first hotel.
  3. A Health Declaration Form (HDF) should also be submitted prior to boarding, on-board the flight or upon arrival.
  4. All tourists should hold a Negative PCR report issued by an accredited laboratory within 96 hours prior to the landing in Sri Lanka.
  5. No transportation can be booked with/through other suppliers and NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT shall be used during the first 14 (fourteen) days of your stay in Sri Lanka.
  6. Based on the boarding requirements of the departure airline/flight or the country requirements of your next destination, tourists (passengers) may need to produce a PCR test report before embarkation; hence tourists should check on the requirements with the relevant authorities and ensure the fulfilment of same before arriving at the airport for departure.


  1. Mandatory PCR tests as per authority guidelines


  1. All tourists are required to pre-purchase a COVID-19 local insurance cover @ USD 12 per person and at least 1 PCR test (for stays not exceeding 4 days in Sri Lanka) @ USD 40 per person through a foreign tour operator/travel agent/destination management company/hotel prior to applying for Visa.
  2. Tourists staying in Sri Lanka for 5 days or more will be required to pre-purchase additional PCR tests (along with the COVID-19 local insurance cover) prior to applying for Visa – as follows:

Stays of 5-7 days – 2 PCR tests @ USD 40 per person per test

Stays of 8 days or more – 3 PCR tests @ USD 40 per person per test

  1. The first of the pre-purchased PCR tests (On Arrival) would be conducted prior to check-in at the first (pre-booked) hotel.
  2. The second PCR test will be conducted 5-7 days after arrival in Sri Lanka or if the guest develops respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 (after the first PCR test), whichever occurs first at the (pre-booked) hotel.
  3. The third PCR test will be conducted 8-10 days after arrival in Sri Lanka or if the guest develops respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 (after the second PCR test), whichever occurs first at the (pre-booked) hotel.

* Charges for COVID-19 local insurance cover and PCR tests will not be refunded if the tour is cancelled by the tourist.


  1. Conduct during stay in Sri Lanka in compliance with authority guidelines


  1. Tourists should wear face masks and maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between people at all times (even when travelling in the same vehicle – other than family/friends who wish to stay closer); if needed they can use disposable gloves while on tour.
  2. Tourists should avoid handshaking with, hugging or kissing anyone at all times.
  3. During the initial 14 (fourteen) days tourists are not permitted to interact with the local community.
  4. Tourists should avoid contact with surfaces as much as possible and also use their non-dominant hand to pick up goods as a safety measure.
  5. Tourists should strictly adhere to the confirmed itinerary and be accompanied by a representative of their tour handler (guide/chauffeur) during transfers and site visits.
  6. Tourists should sanitize hands frequently during the tour and site visits, ideally using their own sanitizers; further they should wash hands with soap and running water at the end of each site visit.
  7. Tourists should sanitize/wash hands and disinfect their footwear prior to boarding the vehicle after each site visit.
  8. Tourists should strictly comply with the operational guidelines of all places visited.
  9. Tourists should avoid partying at any stage of the tour, as it can lead to gathering of crowds.
  10. Tourists should allow regular checks for body temperature and respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, etc.; such health-related observations of tourists may be recorded and maintained for at least 21 days. (Any tourist having a temperature above 37°C (98.6°F) or respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 should allow to be directed for immediate medical attention.
  11. Tourists should strictly follow all and any other recommended behaviour communicated by the accompanying guide/chauffeur during the tour.
  12. When disposing clinical waste including disposable face mask, gloves etc. the below guidelines should be followed:
  • The disposal of all clinical waste would be the sole responsibility of the tourist and should be carried out in an eco-friendly manner.
  • No clinical waste should be disposed of in bins placed in the vehicles.
  • No clinical waste should be disposed of in bins placed for other waste at any place.
  • No clinical waste should be left/thrown in the open.
  • The tour crew will provide tourists with sealable bags to collect their used face masks, gloves etc., which should be disposed of on a daily basis at the place of accommodation.
  • The disposal of all clinical waste should be carried out strictly in the manner in which the relevant accommodation facility has recommended/instructed.


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