Day Excursion to Sigiriya


General information

Kandy, Sri Lanka6 hoursPrivate Excursion

Program details

Day Excursion to World Heritage Site Sigiriya ( UNESCO )

08.30 Hours - Commence excursion to Sigiriya.

11.00 Hours - Climb the 1200 steps to the summit to experience this UNESCO World Heritage site, a spectacular Rock Fortress, which is one of Sri Lanka’s major attractions. Sigiriya is home to the 5th Century “Fortress in the Sky” which is perhaps the most fantastic single wonder of the Island. It is also known as Lion Rock because of the huge lion that used to stand at the entrance to the fortress. Within its triple-moated defense, the huge rock rises almost to a sheer height of 500ft.

On its summit are the foundations of what was once a great and sumptuous palace and gardens complete with a swimming pool. On one of the stairways, the only known ancient work of Sinhala secular painting survived in the form of Frescoes of life-sized damsels in all the freshness and delicacy of their original color

16.30 Hours - Return to Kandy