Behind The Scenes of A Traditional Sri Lankan Dance

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Colombo, Sri Lanka2 hoursPrivate Excursion

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Description of the Location:
The Chitrasena Dance Company is Sri Lanka’s oldest and most prestigious dance company. Established in the 1940s by Guru Chitrasena, who was instrumental in bringing Sri Lanka’s traditional dances from the village rituals to the modern stage, the Dance Company became his vehicle of expression both in traditional dance forms and contemporary dance, which set the standards and transformed dance theatre in Sri Lanka. Today, his dance school and Company led by wife Vajira and daughter Upeka have nurtured his legacy with deep love and respect. Reputed for being the pioneers and revolutionists in the dance sphere in Sri Lanka – they continue to experiment without compromise and use traditional dance language and form to create cutting-edge contemporary dance theatre.

Description of the Activity:
There are two main experiences offered, which showcase the diverse aspects of traditional dance, from interactive sessions, behind the scenes sneak previews; each experience brings out fitness, rhythm, skill and meeting living legends of Sri Lankan dance.